It takes more than just a good idea and quality products and services to reach to your audience. You need your audience to realize and respect all your qualities. But the question that continues to hammer on the head is: "How am I going to do that?" The answer is simple: by consolidating and strengthening your brand.

The ideal way to do that is investing in a branding strategy that adopts to visual identity, corporate image and communication plan, the Tripod of Branding. So let's introduce you to each of these bases and how they work together to help your business sell more and more!

The role of Visual Identity

The Brand Identity and Visual System is the imagistic universe of the brand. It is the way the public literally sees your brand. Practically this means investing in:

Attracting the public - a good visual identity stands out from the rest of the offerings to the public.

Professionalism–put yourself in the place of consumer. Once you encounter a Visual Identity that is poorly executed, our first instinct is to avoid. It is critical to have a brand that demonstrates, through design, its qualities, attributes, differentiation and concepts.

Corporate Identity

To excel in the market, a company must be able to express their ideology of work and unique positioning in an inspiring and clear way. In this sense, corporate identity has the mission to symbolically synthesize the entire company culture and their way of relating to certain target audience.

Corporate identity aims at creating and modifying the values ??associated with a particular brand using visual communication to stand out from competing industries.

The Importance of Communication Plan

A good communication plan can be critical in the strategic planning of the company. This document sets out how the organizational communication will take. It should contain issues like goal, message, approach, evaluation and other important topics. The plan will help in defining the communication objectives and the use of appropriate means to reach these results.