The third wave of retail
The third wave of retail or digital wave, is a term used to describe the changes that retail has been experiencing in recent years thanks to technology in general. With more and more transactions being carried out in digital form and the interests of consumers changing, this third wave generates direct impact on how to sell and to whom to sell.

With this new wave, consumers have at their disposal an almost unlimited number of options, since everything is just a click away. Now the consumer is much more independent and can do online shopping when he wants and in the time that is convenient for him.

In addition to greater integration, there is also the increased supply in the market and possibly lower demand. This makes brands need to compete further in search of consumers who are now more empowered.

Digital retail and the consequences on the retail market
As the changes are so accelerated and intense, it is expected that the main effect of this wave is causing a complete transformation and a very rapid and profound evolution of the retail market. This means that the third wave of retail has great potential to change how the industry around the world is operating.

New brand positioning in digital retail
As the consumer has changed, the brand also need to change to ensure that its results continue to exist. Thus, it is very important that your brand now worry about creating a relationship with the client, provoking him to decide on the purchase.
Provide content and nurture the potential client by guiding him through the entire purchasing process. So with this new wave, we need to give more than an offer, but an experience for the customer.